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SAR System Engineer

ID de la oferta R0064896 Fecha de publicación Oct. 04, 2019 Lieu: Roma, Región de Lacio, Italy
Full time, Regular Employee
Thales people architect and deliver satellite-based systems that help position, connect and observe our planet, and push the boundaries of our understanding of planet's resources. Our systems are in orbit at 400 km, 20000 km, 36000 km and beyond to the edges of the solar system.

Permanent responsibility:

To contribute to the activity of SAR System Engineering within the frame of programmes and studies undertaken by the Radar Payloads Unit.

Level of Responsibility required: LR 8 (minimum)

Location: Rome

Task description:

  • Definition and maintenance of electrical architectures for radar payloads: the candidate shall support the SAR Instrument Architect to define architectures of radar payload, defining the architectural features of the antenna, of the RF front-end, and of the digital section of the radar.
  • Definition of radar payloads requirements: in the design phases of programmes related to radar payloads, the candidate shall support the SAR Instrument Architect to establish functional and performance requirements at levels of instrument, and shall prepare and issue requirement documents for radar assemblies, equipment and units.
  • Definition and maintenance of SAR payloads budgets: the candidate shall prepare and maintain budgets related to radar payload (e.g. RF budget, power budget, mass budget, internal calibration budget, memory budget, etc.).
  • Definition of performance models for SAR Instruments relying on the most advanced architectural features (e.g. deramp-on-receive, SCORE, DBF, FM-CW, etc.) and operating in various space acquisition geometries (i.e. side-looking, squinted-looking, forward-looking). These performance models shall be defined and developed with reference to both standard (i.e. Stripmap, ScanSAR, Spotlight) and advanced SAR acquisition techniques (e.g. High Resolution Wide Swath, TOPSAR, Mosaic, etc.).
  • Definition and development of software tools for computing the key performance parameters of SAR Instruments (e.g. resolution, swath width, ambiguity to signal ratios, NESZ, radiometric resolution, radiometric accuracy, etc.), in both conventional and unconventional acquisition geometries, and for both standard and advanced SAR acquisition techniques.
  • Definition, implementation and maintenance of models and software tools for simulating the key SAR Instrument functionalities (e.g. antenna beam models for both active phased array SAR antennas and reflector based SAR antennas, models of SAR data compression algorithms, etc.).
  • Technical monitoring of SAR payload assemblies and units: the candidate shall monitor the phases of detailed design, development, manufacturing and test of radar assemblies and units (e.g. antennas, RF units, digital units), by interfacing both internal and external sub-contractors.
  • Definition of verification requirements and plans related to SAR payloads: in the frame of the verification and validation phases of programmes related to radar payloads, the candidate shall support the SAR Instrument AIV Engineer to define verification requirements and plans, and shall review test plans for radar assemblies, equipment and units. Furthermore the candidate shall support to the SAR Instrument AIV Engineer for assessing/evaluating performance and functionalities on the basis of test results at levels of Instrument, assembly, equipment and unit.
  • Participation to meetings with the SAR Instrument design team.
  • Participation to meetings/reviews with both internal and external customers.
  • Preparation of documents and presentations.
  • Contribution to programme reports and minutes of meetings.


  • Italian, at least B1 for both written and verbal communications. Fluent Italian language represents a preferred asset.
  • English, at least B1 for both written and verbal communications.

Personal requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Remote Sensing Engineering, Electronics Engineering.
  • Specific technical skills: SAR Instrument architectures, SAR Instrument performance, SAR antennae and SAR electronics.
  • Transversal technical skills: antennae, microwaves, RF electronics, digital electronics, signal processing, analysis, simulations, algorithm definition and Matlab software development.
  • Knowledge of MS Office products.
  • Attitude to teamwork.

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