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Avionics & Photonics

ID de la oferta R0089994 Fecha de publicación Mar. 02, 2020 Lieu: Roma, Región de Lacio, Italy
Full time, Regular Employee
Acteur spatial mondialement reconnu dans les domaines des télécommunications, de la navigation, de l’observation de la terre, de l’exploration et de la réalisation d’infrastructures orbitales, Thales Alenia Space est une Joint-Venture entre les groupes Thales (67%) et Leonardo (33%).

About us

The “Guidance Navigation & Control Engineering” unit belongs to the “Avionics & Electrical Engineering” department in the Competence Center Platform and Integration – Italy. We are in charge for providing engineering competence in the area of the Guidance and Navigation Control, also referred as Attitude and Orbit Control System, at System, Platform, Sub-System and Unit levels.

The following main activities are part of our duties:

  • Studying, dimensioning, modelling, designing and analytically verifying the AOCS solutions
  • Specifying the AOCS technical Solutions/Products
  • Providing the technical documentation needed to justify and to feed the production, integration and verification phases of the AOCS solution
  • Specifying AOCS Assemblies/Sub-Assemblies and Units for procurement
  • Concurring, for the technical aspects, to the procurements of the HW and SW relevant to the AOCS Solutions/Products
  • Supporting the AOCS Subsystem AIT phases and the validation at Avionics Test Bench level, including the simulation environment preparation and setup (DSS models for real-time closed loop testing, Hi-Fi units models, signal acquisition and generation drivers)
  • Supporting the AIT phases and the validation of the AOCS solutions at System level, including the operations such as Launch Campaigns, LEOP, In Orbit Testing and On Orbit Maintenance
  • Contributing to the REx processes in cooperation with the other branches of the CC and others CCs.

For this department we are looking for: Guidance and Navigation Engineer

About the job

The proposed job will be in charge of contributing to the navigation and orbit  control aspects through all the phases of the AOCS Sub-System lifecycle, starting from the phase A/B feasibility and study, through the phase C/D design and implementation up to the in-flight activities during phase E. The proposed job manages all the orbit determination and control aspects for the AOCS subsystem. It also includes the implementation and execution of tests at Avionic Test Bench and support  AIT at Satellite level, documentation of V&V activities in VCD. It is expected to support satellite launch and flight phases, including simulations, LEOP, IOT and on-orbit maintenance.

The proposed job will imply the following duties:

  • GNSS Receiver specification and technical management
  • Electrical Propulsion S/S configuration and performances sizing
  • Orbit determination algorithms design, implementation and verification
  • Orbit transfer optimization algorithms design, implementation and verification
  • Dynamic Simulation SW implementation for “SW Development Environment” (SDVE) and “Avionics Test Bench” (ATB)
  • Avionics V&V activity at both SDVE and ATB level
  • Attitude and Orbital perturbations environmental  analysis
  • MATLAB-Simulink modeling
  • Avionics V&V activity at SDVE and ATB level
  • S/C attitude and orbit dynamics and GNSS modeling and performances analysis at System and Sub-system levels, including:
    • MATLAB AOC Development Environment (M-ADE)
    •  AOC&N DEveLopment Environment (ADELE)
    • SW Development and Validation Environment (SDVE)
    • Dynamics Simulation SW (DSS) for ATB
    • S/C dynamics and AOCS Units models for the Satellite Simulator
  • GNSS special verification facilities Requirements Specification an procurement technical monitoring (GNSS EGSE)
  • Flight Operations support for the AOCS Navigation aspect. Technical coverage of in-flight anomaly investigation and flight data analysis

This request is for a permanent position.

The working site is Rome, but it might be required working in other locations for short mid-term periods. Short periods of 24h shift working across the full week might be required upon specific program needs (e.g. AVS IVVQ, AIT TB/TV or LEOP schedule).

About You

Education and experience

You have a Master Degree in Aerospace or Control Engineering. Preferential skill is about orbit and mission analysis and control.

You are fluent in English (C1 and above certification) both listening and reading.

You have at least 5 years of experience in similar job.

Skills and knowledge

  • Orbit mechanics
  • Navigation sensing technology (i.e. GNSS Receivers) knowledge and performance analysis
  • Optimal estimation theory for precise orbit determination purposes
  • Low-thrust orbit rising optimization for full electrical propulsion mission
  • Low-thrust station keeping optimization for full electrical propulsion mission
  • Full electrical propulsion flight operations aspects
  • Matlab/Simulink and C++ programming
  • ECSS Packet Utilization Standard (PUS)
  • Orchestra Suite (PV: & Doors at least)

Personal ability

  • Customer focused, proactive attitude
  • Organized and methodical approach to the work with strong communication skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at one time, to work autonomously and in team
  • Strong attitude to achieve results within time and cost constraints
  • Problem solving attitude

Innovation, passion, ambition : rejoignez Thales et créez le monde de demain, dès aujourd’hui.

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